Micro Actuator

Group Introduction

 Micro actuators driven by functional materials including piezoelectric materials have been developed. The actuators have been also used for the system under specific environment such as high intensity magnetic fields or cryogenic conditions.

Research Introduction

Droplet ejection device using focused ultrasonic waves

 Research on chemical analysis using nanoliter or picoliter scale droplets has been studied to reduce measurement time and the cost of reagent sample. In this research, a droplet ejection device using focused ultrasonic waves with concentric circular electrodes has been fabricated. We have succeeded in ejecting nanoliter scale droplets by using the device.

Ultarasonic motor for solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance

  To observe molecular structure of solid sample, a solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has been studied. In this study, a sample spinning system using an ultrasonic motor driven by a small transducer has been proposed. The motor body is mainly made of titanium that has a low magnetic permeability. As a result, the solid-state NMR spectroscopy has been successfully obtained using the proposed sample spinning system under the high intense magnetic field of 7 T.



Development of ultrasonic motor for ultralow temperature condition

 Ultralow temperature environment provide important measuring condition in advanced scientific research area. There are demands for actuators that can drive in ultralow temperature conditions.
We have succeeded in driving the motor at ultralow temperature under the low temperature condition.