Welcome to the System Integration Laboratory, Okayama University. The System Integration Laboratory is a new laboratory established in 2001 at the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University. Theoretical and technological problems associated with the development of functional components and integrated systems for Microrobots, Actuator systems, and Advanced mechanical systems are investigated. Shown here are some typical topics in our current research activities.






・TIAN Weihang(M2)received The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Miura Award.  (March 25th, 2022)






・Dr. Daisuke YAMAGUCHI(Assistant Professor) received Research Contribution Award.(March 2nd, 2022)






・Tomoya KAWAGUCHI(M1)received the Technical Committee on Industrial Instrumentation and Control IEEJ Industry Applications Society Outstanding Paper Presentation Award.  (Janyuary 5th, 2022)




・Dr.Daisuke YAMAGUCHI(Assistant Professor) received The Robotics Society of Japan Research Encouragement Award.
(September 8th, 2021)

・Yuiki YAMASAKI(M1)received the Award The Machine Design and Triblogy Deivision (JSME) Graduation research contest.  (September 8th, 2021)




・Sota KOGAWA,Dr.Shuichi WAKIMOTO (Associate Professor),Dr.Takefumi KANDA(Professor),Kento OMURA,Katunori ANDO received The Japan Fluid Power Systems Society Academic Paper Award .  (June 25th, 2021)