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Fluid Gr


Group Introduction

  We have studied devices which have been related to chemical process.
  We have developed micro reactors, hydrothermal synthesis method and piezoelectric devices using hydrothermal synthesis method.

Research Introduction

Nano-sized Emulsion Generation Using a Microchannel Oscillated by an Ultrasonic Vibration Device

  We aims at a realization of emulsification device because generating nano-emulsion has been required.
  In this research, a flow type emulsion formulation generation device using an ultrasonic vibration has been developed. The ultrasonic vibration device can be driven at low noise state and maintain the emulsion in aseptic condition. We have succeeded in generating fine emulsions.


Development of temperature controlled micro-reactor system


  The microreactor has attracted attentions because of a new phenomenon and a new reaction in the field of micro-chemical process.
  In this study, a temperature controlled microreactor system has been developed. This system has been evaluated by the re-crystallization. These results show that the system realized temperature control effectively. As a result, the effectiveness of this system has been indicated.

Droplets generation in the flowing ambient liquid by using an ultrasonic torsional transducer

  Generation of particles have been receiving attention in many fields. In this study, to generate droplets for a chemical process, we have generated mono-disperse droplets in the flowing ambient liquid by using a torsional bolt-clamped Lngevin-type transducer and a micropore plate.
  The droplet generation device has been designed by using a finite element method. The micropore is protuberant to prevent liquid from spreading on the micropore's surface. When pure water was used as the dispersed liquid and silicone oil solution was used as the ambient liquid, we have succeeded in generating mono-disperse droplets in the flowing ambient liquid productively.



Development of small oil flow control valve using a piezoelectric vibrator


  Hydraulic actuators have a small size, large power, and low damage. However, the previous hydraulic control valves have a complicated structure and large volume. Therefore, a small and simple hydraulic control valve has been required.
  In this study, a small and lightweight oil flow control valve driven by a piezoelectric vibrator has been developed. We have succeeded in controlling the flow rate of the water and oil continuously.